Riftcraft is a form of arcane magic developed by the people of Hyftun. The origins of riftcraft remain the stuff of legends, as its use dates back thousands of years. Common beliefs hold that it was a band of humans living near the rift who first discovered how to tap into its arcane energies, and over the course of history the use of riftcraft came to shape the fates of all beings in Hyftun. Mesym Ander’s momentous discovery of how to extend the energies of the field outward from the rift led to an even wider use of riftcraft, eventually giving rise to the Republic of Hyftun and its claim over the entire continent.

Now having extended the field to all of its major cities, the Republic is built on riftcraft. Almost all citizens receive at least a basic training in riftcraft, and thus magic is a major part of daily life in the cities of Hyftun. Riftcraft has has allowed magic to take the place of many of the most tedious and physically demanding tasks, such that citizens can be more productive and happy individuals. The Republic welcomes all races under its aegis, and a diverse range of citizens are united in their loyalty to the Republic and its way of life, such is the appreciation for riftcraft and the society that it has built.

However, not all of those in Hyftun appreciate the extension of the field and the Hyftuni expansion. Though the Republic claims to act in the best interest of all, many peoples and races have inhabited Hyftun for millennia, and not all of them have welcomed annexation by the Hyftuni. Riftcraft has proven both irresistible and unavoidable to many, though, often leading these peoples to submit to the Republic despite fears of cultural loss. There remain those who resist, and conflict often erupts in the border regions, especially in less populated areas not covered by the field. Such groups often see the Republic as an unwelcome imperialist power, and they do not wish to see riftcraft, and all that it represents, brought to their lands. Still other groups worry over the long-term implications of riftcraft. Rumours have begun to circulate—only whispers uttered in hushed voices—that the rift is becoming increasingly unstable, and some blame the use of riftcraft. The common view holds such views as nothing more than alarmist propaganda though, sewn by those who resist the progress brought by the Republic.

Riftcraft pervades all aspects of life in the Republic. Transportation, education, communication, entertainment, construction, security, espionage, romance…the list of things touched by riftcraft is almost endless. Outsiders often take some time getting accustomed to the commonness of magic in Hyftuni cities, as a magic-filled life has certain peculiarities. Riftcraft is a skill that can be learned by all, like ice skating or playing a musical instrument. Of course, like any skill, there is a wide range of abilities, from rank beginner to wizened expert. Most citizens of Hyftun have at least a basic grasp of riftcraft, and some become experts or even masters in its use. Newcomers can also learn to use riftcraft with the appropriate course of study. Spellcasters and those familiar with arcane magic are able to learn riftcraft more quickly, as some of their knowledge can be easily transferred.


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