Aldor_Physical.jpgAdhon is the Common Speech term for the planet. It is a diverse world, inhabited by many sentient races, magical entities, plants, and animals. The second planet orbiting its parent star Pel, Adhon has a range of climates, from arctic to tropical. The world has traditionally been divided into five continents: Ledan, Ash’Lor, Nassal, Vridea, and Hyftun, although four of these are connected by various land routes; Hyftun is the only continent without a land connection to the others.

With an equatorial circumference of about 30,000 miles, Adhon is roughly 1.25 times the size of the Earth. Its days, nights, years, and seasons are all of similar length to those on the Earth, though its larger size means that it experiences a slightly larger range of temperatures and climates compared to the Earth. Equatorial regions are barren deserts or tropical jungles, while the poles are inhospitable frozen wastelands. Between these extremes lies a range of sub-tropical, temperate, and sub-arctic climates.

Adhon is home to most of the races found in the 3.5e set. Humans, elves, dwarves, gnomes, and halflings make up the largest racial groups in the world, but more than half of the roughly 5 billion intelligent beings on Adhon do not belong to any of these groups. The degree to which races and cultures mingle varies widely between regions; in some areas, most major cities have a diverse range of citizens while more isolationist areas may be completely homogeneous.



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